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Hilarious, offensive, and true.

My favorites are traveling abroad, asian girls, and having gay friends.


BabyStyle, a company that is a baby retailer, filed bankruptcy today, after spending $146 million in venture capital funding.  I think some of the most successful startups have the ability to balance the importance of reaching critical mass quickly/riding momentum with mitigating their burn rate.

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“There is nothing that drives a team forward like the fear of public failure, debt, and starvation. Leap off the cliff and start building the airplane on the way down—you might be surprised with what you can pull off.”

I love the thought and I definitely take too many risks in my life.  It is true that you produce the most when you’re back is against the wall.  But…

What happens to people who do not finish the airplane?  Pretty sure they regret jumping off the cliff.

My roommate works at Google and usually gets home around 11:00 PM every night. During the week, all she does is work and walking two blocks from the Google bus stop to our house is usually uneventful.

Last night she found $100 bill on the ground while walking home and I wanted to address the likelihood of that ever happening again.

1) Someone has to be walking and her path with $100 bills that night.

2) That someone has to drop the $100 bill and not notice.

3) She has to be the first person to see the $100 bill.

4) She had to have gotten off work at that exact time with the buses running at that exact speed.

So let’s recap…

1) The chances of people walking around with $100 bills. We live in San Francisco and people are rich, so I’ll say it happens all the time. 1:2

2) The chances of someone dropping the $100 bill in our neighborhood… Probably only happens maybe once every five years. So multiply 1825 by the number of people walking around with $100 bills per day, let’s just say its 10. 1:18,250

3) Being the first person to notice is also very unlikely considering we live in a crowded city. Let’s just say if we put a $100 on her path around the same time everyday for the next year, she probably wouldn’t be the first. 1:365

4) The window of opportunity was probably 2-3 minutes. So I think you can take the number of times she has gotten home within that 2-3 minute range. This will also account for the timing of the person dropping the $100 bill because he/she has to drop the bill at that exact time and location. So let’s say its 1:25.

1 and 333,062,500… which is pretty close to winning the lottery. Has anyone else randomly found a $100 bill on the street?

Growing up, everyone always fears turning into their parents. You do everything in your power to not resemble your parents one bit… They say eat vegetables, you eat candy. They say drink milk, you drink soda. They say floss, you look in the mirror now and say “crap”.

After years of fighting their advice and recommendations, you soon realize that you are a product of their genes and personalities. Here is my conclusion:

1) My mom use to stay up all night worrying about me. I stay up all night worry about work.

2) My mom micromanaged me with curfews, rules, and guidelines. I micromanage my partners with deadlines.

3) My mom saves everything, resulting in years of junk overflowing the garage. I haven’t erased a work document from my hard-drive ever. Do I really need the first version of my business plan from 5 years ago?

4) My mom cannot figure out how to check text messages. I cannot figure out how all my socks are pink.

Basically, I’ve picked up a lot of tendencies from my mom, but just in a different context. Sometimes I think she is old fashion and we are completely different people. But the reality is that we are same… and remember to floss.