Growing up, everyone always fears turning into their parents. You do everything in your power to not resemble your parents one bit… They say eat vegetables, you eat candy. They say drink milk, you drink soda. They say floss, you look in the mirror now and say “crap”.

After years of fighting their advice and recommendations, you soon realize that you are a product of their genes and personalities. Here is my conclusion:

1) My mom use to stay up all night worrying about me. I stay up all night worry about work.

2) My mom micromanaged me with curfews, rules, and guidelines. I micromanage my partners with deadlines.

3) My mom saves everything, resulting in years of junk overflowing the garage. I haven’t erased a work document from my hard-drive ever. Do I really need the first version of my business plan from 5 years ago?

4) My mom cannot figure out how to check text messages. I cannot figure out how all my socks are pink.

Basically, I’ve picked up a lot of tendencies from my mom, but just in a different context. Sometimes I think she is old fashion and we are completely different people. But the reality is that we are same… and remember to floss.