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Advertisements has been around for a bit, but is starting to gain some traction. Similar to RentWiki, aims to use peer recommendations as a better vehicle to identify a potential mate. All the other dating websites have a solitary experience, contrary to real life when you usually get an introduction from a friend.

What about a peer recommendations website for friends? Unless this already exists, I think Facebook should provide you to view all friends of friends in a city, similar to the way Linked In connects you with business contacts.


I do not think I’ve ever written the words “shout out”… or even said that, but I want to give credit to Clifford White, RentWiki’s proud lead developer, for building almost all by himself. He put in a great deal of hard work and we had many nights with little or no sleep. Incredible job Cliff.

I feel like a mother after his son gets nominated for the Who’s Who National Award.

Our first version of is now live and open for private beta users.

So what is RentWiki?

Well, to draw from personal experience, I recently moved to San Francisco and had no idea where to live, what neighborhoods were good, and even had no idea what a fair price was. I moved from Arizona so apparently $400 per month just gets you a parking spot and not an actual house. Anyways, I spent hours calling people, walking the areas, and canvassing streets to try to get a feel of the environment. A simple peer recommendation could have saved me hours of headaches.

When we move, we want to know much more than location, price and amenities. We want to meet their neighbors, understand the area, and experience the social scene – content that is not readily available online. We do not start by going to or to sort through hundreds of listings, we call a friend, family member, or co-worker and ask for advice and their opinion to narrow down the location.

So RentWiki is just that, peer recommendations on where to live. The website is in its first iteration and just in a rough form, so I would love to get some feedback. Email me if you want an invite code to participate. Let us know what you think!

I had recently, as in last night, posted a blog about Yelp and the reasons why I only used it as a business directory. I love Yelp, but like everyone in this world, I think I know how it can be improved to be a very powerful peer recommendation website.

In any case, I was just emailed by Jeremy Stoppelman, founder and CEO of Yelp. Within 18 hours of posting a review on Yelp, I was personally emailed by Jeremy and I am definitely no Perez Hilton. I am actually impressed with his active engagement and communication with users. He is running a very large startup, and takes time out of his busy schedule to email a random blogger. I don’t even have time in the day to call my mom.

I can appreciate Jeremy for passionately trying to solve a problem, providing a valuable service in the marketplace, and engaging his critics. I would probably and secretly cry if a blogger gave a bad evaluation about something I had worked so hard to build.

If Jeremey and Yelp continue to listen to their users and refine the product, Yelp will be in a great position to replicate the success they have experienced in San Francisco.

Most people know I am a die-hard Phoenix Suns basketball fan. However, since I moved to the Bay Area, I’ve been unable to watch any games… mainly because I’ve been busy with work, but also because they do not broadcast games here.

Here is a cool little website that broadcasts all sorts of games live to your pc.

Nothing too fancy, but effective and free. Go Suns.