I had recently, as in last night, posted a blog about Yelp and the reasons why I only used it as a business directory. I love Yelp, but like everyone in this world, I think I know how it can be improved to be a very powerful peer recommendation website.

In any case, I was just emailed by Jeremy Stoppelman, founder and CEO of Yelp. Within 18 hours of posting a review on Yelp, I was personally emailed by Jeremy and I am definitely no Perez Hilton. I am actually impressed with his active engagement and communication with users. He is running a very large startup, and takes time out of his busy schedule to email a random blogger. I don’t even have time in the day to call my mom.

I can appreciate Jeremy for passionately trying to solve a problem, providing a valuable service in the marketplace, and engaging his critics. I would probably and secretly cry if a blogger gave a bad evaluation about something I had worked so hard to build.

If Jeremey and Yelp continue to listen to their users and refine the product, Yelp will be in a great position to replicate the success they have experienced in San Francisco.