This isn’t a recent revelation, but I’ve noticed that I am much more productive at night than I am during the day… mainly because of distractions. It is not that I am surfing youtube, but my focus is split between managing people, answering emails, phone calls, chats, and the actually work I need to get done. Productivity is about momentum and if you can get on a work roll, you can get much more accomplished. So think of it as if you were to work on three different tasks vs. being completely focused on one task at a time.

So here is my proposed 3 step solution (to myself) for the next two days:

1) 55 minutes of focused work, 5 minutes of random work – I have emails and phone calls I need to attend to, but I am going to reserve the last 5 minutes of each hour to do that.

2) No email or phone for 55 minutes per hour – I went to a hear Iqbal Quadir speak at a event tonight; his last venture helped bring mobile phones to developing nations. Iqbal’s main point was that connectivity equals productivity. For me, that may not be necessarily true. Ryan Johnson asked me to develop an application that would turn off his internet and cell phone for a set amount of time, allowing him to focus on his work. Think about the gambler who goes to the casino and request to be blacklisted (not allowed to return). The next time he has the urge to gamble, he physically cannot.

3) Minute by minute goals – I am going to spend 15 minutes in the morning and map out my entire day in 10 minutes increments. The smaller the goal, the more focused and more motivated you are. I guess its like the NBA playoffs, its about winning the 1st quarter of the next game and not all 16 games… minus the flopping and horrendous refereeing.

Seems doable… I’ll let you know if it worked. If you need to reach me, find comfort in that fact that I will return your call, email, or ping within 55 minutes.

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