Amateur blogger Leora Zellman has announced on her blog that she is going to be selling ad spots on her body at tech conference.

But Eric, this is nothing like prostitution. True.

But is this similar to a stripper that profits from people staying at her body? Not really that close, but the principles are the same… people are not interested in your mind, but in your physique.

Sure, guys are pigs, tech dorks are very unsocial, and have a difficult time talking to girls (why do you think Geek Brief is so popular).  And most importantly, I am all for taking advantage of business opportunities.  So I do not blame Leora, and I actually think this is really smart…captive audience, newsworthy, and has great WOM attributes.

But if this proves to be very profitable, will every semi-attractive female start selling ad space?

I thought that woman who sold ad space on her pregnant belly at the super bowl was unbelievable. This isn’t that bad, but what’s next?

On a side note, I’ll get a tatoo of any startup across my chest, rip off my shirt at the next SF tech conference, and scream like the Incredible Hulk the .com, for a small fee of $10mm