It’s been a while, due in part because I’ve been trying to get launched by September 1.  However, I just got back from my sister’s wedding in Belize, on a secluded beach resort.  You are probably saying to yourself, “wow, that sounds like a very relaxing and fun time.” Normally it would be.

I think my generation of internet users are so attached to their daily (or minute) routines of checking email, it becames stressful not having access.  You feel naked without your blackberry, iphone, or in my case, crappy Motorola Q (damn verizon contracts).  During a period of 3 days, I was overwhelmingly stressed with no having an internet connection and access to email, that I could not enjoy the wedding.  But why is this.

1)  Expectation of responsiveness – Email has become similar to a text message or a phone call.  I expect a response within minutes, not hours or days, and others expect the same responsiveness from me.  I used to get in fights with my real estate business partner Ryan Johnson for not responding quick enough to Gchat.

2)  Information exchange – Without email, chat, twitter, or blogs, I felt disconnect from the world.  I had no idea what happening with my family, friends, technology, the olympics, the presidential campaign, and even wars.  And it was definitely a foreign feeling picking up a newspaper to get information.  Today, it seems that everyone is on top of breaking news, and it is almost a competition to see who has the most current events knowledge.

So the question is, when will you even be able to relax in a beach location free from email and the internet? For me, probably never.

Teresa and Tom

Teresa and Tom