There has been some interesting discussions about who to select as your early adapters.  This hits me close to home because we are currently deciding our specific launch strategy and how that relates to early adapters. An article by Robert Scoble touches on the importance of early adapters to the success of any project, and an article by Alexander van Elsas discusses how Silicon Valley early adapters can be a quick way to trap your startup into failure.

For, our early adapters and early contributors are the key to our success and growth.  They will determine our content, features, functionality, and scalability.  However, we much be aware of the minority voice that is tied to early adapters.  We are trying to help movers find great neighborhoods and avoid bad ones.  And our end mission is to provide a vehicle for people to share their personal stories and knowledge of neighborhoods… a simple review site would probably suffice.  However, early adapters (myself included) want a service above and beyond what is currently available.

So the question remains, should our early adapters be the Silicon 100,000 or less mainstream internet users?