I am a 25 year old entrepreneur living in San Francisco and working on a startup company, RentWiki.com.  Very typical… I know.  When people ask me what I do, I often say I am a marketing director.  Saying you have a web startup in San Francisco is comparable to saying you have your real estate license in Arizona.

My typical line goes something like, “Hi, my name is Eric Wu, I have no car, no income, and am unemployed.  Do you want to go on a date sometime?”

Most people think entrepreneurship is about the money.  But Reid Hoffman has an interesting point that entrepreneurs actually make less money but just have a higher variance.

So why work all the time just to have a lower expected value?  Well, first, everyone perceives themselves as more likely to succeed, and I am no exception.  Second, I want to solve a problem, create value in the marketplace, and gain experience.

My current project is called RentWiki.com, which is in beta.  Ours is the real beta, and we plan on releasing a better version and not calling it beta.  Crazy idea huh?

What do we do?  Well, for over 10 years, there has been no significant change to the standard listing rental website.  After listing consolidation, Google maps integration, heat maps, and stats from the government, we still all use Craigslist.com.  We hope to develop an intuitive socially-driven search engine to help renters more accurately identify suitable neighborhoods and rentals. In otherwords, peer reviews and advice on where to live.

Here is my bio:

Marketing director and unemployed at RentWiki.com.  Before starting RentWiki, I worked on LiveByCampus.com in 2005, which is a rental website that specializes in off-campus housing.  I entered the real estate industry in 2001, when I started purchasing multi-family rental properties near college campuses.  To date, I have owned and managed over 25 multi-family properties in Arizona.  I was named BusinessWeek‘s Top 25 Entrepreneur Under 25 and I enjoy all sorts of technology, Halo 3, and the Phoenix Suns.

I work at home and get lonely so reach out to me at eric@rentwiki.com.